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Information technology infrastructure in hospitals, libraries, voter registration systems, city governments, and other organizations is increasingly under attack. Basic cybersecurity literacy is more vital than ever before for business leaders—and more than half of employers say they don’t have enough cybersecurity staff.

At Indiana University, you can train to become a part of the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Our innovative Master of Science in Cybersecurity Risk Management program, a member of the IU Cybersecurity community, is the first in the nation to bring together three top-ranked schools to offer technology, business, and law viewpoints on cybersecurity.

Only the M.S. in Cybersecurity Risk Management from Indiana University will give you the unique—and valuable—ability to identify and mitigate a wide range of cyberthreats in your chosen career path. No matter where you are in your career, our M.S. program can get you to where you want to be.

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Here is what you can expect in IU’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

The IU Cybersecurity community takes a cross-disciplinary, industry-spanning approach that starts on campus and goes beyond. We seek to advance the discipline through innovative applied research and introduce degree programs and workplace development opportunities that help meet the growing demand for forward-thinking cybersecurity professionals. This perspective results in a multi-school partnership among IU’s Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering; the Kelley School of Business; and the Maurer School of Law that strengthens cyber defense across our community, our state, and the nation.

The Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management acknowledges the building blocks of effective defense strategies against cyberattacks. We train our students on the tools and tactics to identify and mitigate threats, as well as to become creative, responsive thinkers and industry- and organization-specific policy developers and cybersecurity leaders ready to take charge.

Although strategies share similarities, approaches vary across industries. In turn, the Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management lets students customize their degree program to their goals or current career path. Develop a plan of study by taking courses in technical cybersecurity skills, information technology risk management, and cybersecurity law and policy. Then, specialize your degree with a concentration in technology, business, law, or artificial intelligence. A capstone project, mentorship, and access to multiple experiential opportunities help reinforce your skills as you prepare to switch careers or move up in your field.

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Scott Shackelford

IU's cybersecurity education model of combining education with practical experiences is producing cybersecurity leaders uniquely situated to address pressing workforce needs. We are thrilled to add CyberCorps to the list of opportunities open to our students, which also includes the IU Cybersecurity Clinic, paid internships, and dedicated mentoring opportunities. The CyberCorps Scholarship for Service helps us in our mission of creating a diverse global community of prepared, interdisciplinary cybersecurity professionals who are ready and willing to make a positive difference in the profession, and the world.

Scott Shackelford, Professor and Executive Director of the Center of Applied Cybersecurity Research

You can earn the M.S. in Cybersecurity Risk Management 100% online or in a hybrid format

Craft a plan of study around your existing schedule and career. Earn a Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management entirely online or through a hybrid format. Complete the 30 credit-hour program full-time in about a year, or progress at your own pace in a part-time capacity.

Unsure if cybersecurity risk management is the right career path? Test the waters and start to broaden your skills through one of IU’s Digital Badge or CyberCertificate programs. Then, continue your journey and expand your knowledge by applying to the Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management.

You can experience hands-on career preparation

Make a difference even before you land your first job as a cybersecurity professional. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating 33% more positions for information security analysts between 2020 and 2030, the Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management requires all students to develop a solution to an issue faced by a real-world organization with a capstone project. The IU Cybersecurity community, IU Cybersecurity Advisory Council, and the IU Cybersecurity Clinic help guide your progress from school to the workforce through industry-specific mentorship and multiple research and local defense opportunities that allow you to practice your skills, contribute to the discipline’s development, and explore what it takes to protect organizations and communities from cyber threats.

We additionally realize the importance of establishing your path forward through various industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications. Along with a curriculum developed with input from industry leaders, the IU Cybersecurity community helps guide the next leg of your journey with CISSP exam preparation and resources for getting involved with IAP.

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Get financial and career support as you grow your knowledge of cyber defense tactics, compliance laws, and business-wide policy development. As part of an effort to cultivate and train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals for the U.S. Government, this National Science Foundation scholarship assists your educational endeavor and transition into the workforce. Learn more about this scholarship program, including application requirements and terms. 

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